Patent Number: 6,169,650

Title: Single access control system and method

Abstract: A way of controlling access to golf cart starter keys, (referred herein as user-keys) is described. A specially coded and specially shaped key, the user-key is given to a golf cart renter once an appropriate rental fee has been paid. In order to start the golf cart, the renter must insert the user-key into a control unit, which is located in the dashboard. When the user-key is properly inserted, the golf cart starts. Furthermore, the user-key is locked inside the control unit and can no longer be removed by the renter, thereby preventing the renters from misappropriating the user-key. When the renter completes the round of golf, he returns the golf cart, along with the unremovable user-key, to the golf club. Only the specially coded removal key in the golf club's possession can remove the user-key from the control unit.

Inventors: Albrecht; John M. (Scottsdale, AZ)


International Classification: B60R 25/04 (20060101); G07C 9/00 (20060101); E05B 011/00 (); H01H 047/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018