Patent Number: 6,169,955

Title: Communication and navigation system incorporating position determination

Abstract: A method and apparatus for providing navigation and information services. A mobile unit which includes a microphone and a speaker is used to communicate between a user and a service location. The service location includes a computer and data storage which includes data on geography, roads, road conditions, traffic and other data which may be of use to a user. The mobile unit includes a receiver and position determination processing circuitry for location determination. A user may obtain navigation information and routing information by pressing a button on the mobile unit so as to initiate communication with the service location. The user then verbally requests the information which he needs by speaking into the microphone. Using location data which is transmitted to the service location and the data in data storage, the computer compiles a response which is transmitted to the mobile unit and through the speaker for communication to the user. The response is stored in the mobile unit and may be reviewed manually. When the response includes voice based instructions, the voice based instructions may be incrementally broadcast to the user as required by the movement and position of the mobile unit so as to guide the user to a destination.

Inventors: Fultz; Robert B. (Boulder Creek, CA)

Assignee: Trimble Navigation Limited

International Classification: G01C 21/36 (20060101); G01C 21/34 (20060101); G01S 5/00 (20060101); G01S 5/14 (20060101); G01C 021/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018