Patent Number: 6,170,105

Title: Composite deck system and method of construction

Abstract: Elongated composite deck sections or panels are formed by pultruding a plastics resin material with multiple layers or mats of glass fibers and longitudinally extending unidirectional fibers to form a base wall integrally connecting upwardly projecting and longitudinally extending tubular ribs. Each rib has opposite side surfaces converging towards the base wall, and longitudinally extending ears project laterally outwardly from the side surfaces. The top surface of each panel is coated with epoxy adhesive, and the top surface of the base wall is also coated with an aggregate of crushed stone. The deck panels are assembled in laterally adjacent overlapping relation to form a permanent composite deck form. A mat of fiber reinforced composite rods are spaced above the deck panels which are surrounded by border forms, and concrete is poured onto the deck panels which positively bond with the concrete. Vertical steel studs are welded to steel frame members which support the composite deck panels and project upwardly into the concrete to tie the concrete to the frame members. Angle support strips are attached to center support beams to provide a bridge deck system with a crown.

Inventors: Doyle; John J. (Cincinnati, OH), Eyring; Kurt S. (Centerville, OH), Schibi; Ken R. (Cincinnati, OH)

Assignee: Composite Deck Solutions, LLC

International Classification: E01D 19/12 (20060101); E01D 019/12 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018