Patent Number: 6,170,129

Title: Press fastener

Abstract: The press fastener comprises, in addition to a press fastener ball fixed to a first carrier web, a press fastener eyelet firmly connectable to a second carrier web by a rived shaft emanating from a rivet cap and passing through a central perforation. A simple construction involving low manufacturing cost, with high durability, i.e. a high number of closing and opening cycles, can be achieved if the press fastener eyelet is formed by a substantially annular, plastic moulding having the central perforation and comprising a round ball reception area and a temporarily widenable locking area which tapers towards the insertion end for the press fastener ball and extends roughly coaxially to the ball reception area. the said plastic body comprises a ring flange-like outer edge, to which is connected in axially displaced manner the central area having the central perforation. Moreover, an all-round groove increasing the resilient action of the locking area is provided in the ring flange-like outer edge of the plastic body radially outside the locking area, with the locking area being constructed polygonally. The plastic moulding may advantageously be moulded from POM (polyoxymethylene).

Inventors: Pferdehirt; Thomas (Wuppertal, DE)

Assignee: YKK Europe Ltd.

International Classification: A44B 17/00 (20060101); A44B 001/38 (); A44B 017/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018