Patent Number: 6,170,130

Title: Lashing system

Abstract: A lashing system having one or more cord anchors fastenable to a stationary member in spaced apart relation, and one or more cord clips each having a first portion with a first cord engaging member releasably and coupleable to a first cord portion and a second portion with a second cord engaging member selectively and releasably coupleable to a second cord portion so as to accommodate a particular article stowage application. The cord anchors also have a cord engaging member releasably coupleable to the cord, whereby the cord may be selectively coupled to one or more cord anchors, and thus positioned selectively on the stationary member. The lashing system also preferably includes a cord hook coupled to a first cord portion and a hook portion engagable by hooking to another cord portion.

Inventors: Hamilton; Jeffrey R. (Hoffman Estates, IL), Pontaoe; John S. (Chicago, IL), Keller; Steven C. (Island Lake, IL)

Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

International Classification: A45F 3/04 (20060101); A44B 021/00 (); A45F 005/00 (); B65D 063/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018