Patent Number: 6,170,190

Title: Ribbon fin lure

Abstract: An artificial fishing lure of resilient, flexible material created in an initially curved configuration, which lure, when attached to a line and pulled through the water, essentially duplicates the swimming motion of an eel, snake, or lizard. This novel lure has a body portion and a flexible, elongate, relatively thin dorsal fin integral with the body portion and extending longitudinally for substantially the entire length of the body portion. One embodiment of my novel lure has a body portion of alternating large and relatively small sections, with each of the relatively small sections having major and minor dimensions, and with the major dimension of each of the relatively small sections being perpendicular to the plane of the relatively thin fin. The minor dimension of each of the relatively small sections is sufficiently small as to enable such small sections to serve as hinging points of the body portion such that the lure can move from an initially curved configuration into an essentially straight configuration. Significantly, the relatively thin fin is essentially flat when the lure is in a curved configuration, but undertakes a highly desirable rippled configuration when the lure has been put into use and assumes a relatively straight configuration.

Inventors: Wilson; Scott R. (DeLand, FL)


International Classification: A01K 85/00 (20060101); A01K 085/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018