Patent Number: 6,170,191

Title: Diving fishing weight

Abstract: A diving fishing weight is for receiving a length of fishing line with a first end connected to a fish catching device and a second end connected to a rod and reel assembly. The fishing weight includes a dive-inducing member constructed to dive through water, and dive-stop structure in communication with the dive-inducing member and the fishing line, and being actuable by a force exerted along the fishing line to stop the fishing weight from diving. The dive-inducing member includes a body that has a front region oriented generally toward the fish catching device, a rear region oriented generally toward the rod and reel assembly, opposed sides and an upper surface. The dive-stop structure includes a passage defined by the body that extends through at least a portion of the body, with the passage having a first end proximate the front region of the body and a second end on the upper surface. The fishing weight further includes a pair of wings connected to the body and extending in generally opposed directions outwardly and upwardly from the rear portion of the body toward the front portion and the upper surface to define a wing plane. The fishing weight has a center of gravity bounded generally by the wing plane, and the center of gravity and wing plane cooperate to predispose the weight to dive at a pre-determined angle. The fishing weight is also formed from a novel polymer-based composite material consisting essentially of a first volume of a curable polymeric component mixed with a second volume of iron ferrite particles, such that the unit has a specific gravity of about 7.5-8.0, with the unit including a central substantially uncured section and an outer substantially cured section.

Inventors: Laney; Scot H. (Portland, OR)


International Classification: A01K 95/00 (20060101); A01K 095/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018