Patent Number: 6,170,215

Title: Siding panel with interlock

Abstract: A retaining clip for use in combination with building siding panels of the type which simulate wooden clapboard. The siding panels have two or more longitudinal outwardly and downwardly depending declination portions. The clips comprise thicker main body portions attachable to the building-side face of declinations of the siding panels, and thinner flexible arm portions. A protruding stop detent extends from the face of the flexible arm portion. The detent is spaced apart from the main body portion of the retaining clip. Building siding panels having retaining clips of the invention are also provided, as are methods of siding a building with the modified siding panels. The modified siding panel assemblies preferably have retaining clips attached to at least one end of each declination portion of the siding panels in an orientation which permits insertion of the declination portion of a horizontally adjacent panel between the flexible arm portion of the retaining clip and the building side of the declination portion of the panel to which the clip is attached. A detent can be used on the face of the retaining clip to resist horizontal movement of the inserted panel as the panel is inserted, but such detent does not prohibit horizontal movement of the inserted panel, thus providing for thermal expansion of the mounted siding panels.

Inventors: Nasi; Evert Edward (Ironwood, MI)


International Classification: E04F 13/08 (20060101); E04D 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018