Patent Number: 6,170,246

Title: Round baler idler roll mounting apparatus

Abstract: A round baler for forming crop material into cylindrical bales. The baler has a main frame, a pair of side walls, a crop pickup mounted on the main frame, and a tailgate pivotally connected to the main frame. The tailgate is operative between a closed position during which a bale is being formed in an expandable chamber, and an open position during which a formed bale is being discharged from the chamber. A sledge assembly, pivotally mounted on the main frame for movement between a bale starting position and a full bale position, has crop engaging transverse rollers for urging the crop material along a spiral path in the chamber for starting and forming a bale. A apron is supported along a continuous path on the main frame and tailgate by a plurality of rotatable guide members. The path has an inner course that cooperates with the sledge rolls on the sledge assembly to define moveable walls of the chamber. A drive roll moves the apron along the continuous path. A take up assembly moves with the sledge assembly between the bale starting position and full bale position to provide slack in the apron under conditions where the tailgate is moved from its closed position to its open position.

Inventors: Underhill; Kenneth R. (Strasburg, PA)

Assignee: New Holland North America, Inc.

International Classification: A01F 15/07 (20060101); A01F 15/00 (20060101); A01F 15/18 (20060101); A01D 039/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018