Patent Number: 6,170,261

Title: Hydraulic fluid supply system

Abstract: A pressurized hydraulic fluid supply apparatus capable of merging or separating a plurality of hydraulic pump lines according to the driving states of a plurality of actuators. The pressurized hydraulic fluid supply apparatus has a merge/separation valve 40 that merges or separates the hydraulic fluids delivered under pressure by the first hydraulic pump 1 and the second hydraulic pump 11. The merge/separation valve 40 is set to a flow separation state upon driving of the second hydraulic actuator 16 and is preferentially shifted to a flow merging state when the third hydraulic actuator 21 is driven. Hence, even when a manually driven operation valve is used, the merge/separation valve 40 is automatically switched between the flow separation state and the flow merging state according to the operation of the operation valve. This apparatus prevents an unintended flow rate difference between the first and second actuators from being produced upon driving of the third actuator.

Inventors: Ishizaki; Naoki (Oyama, JP), Kataoka; Toyomi (Oyama, JP), Yoshida; Nobumi (Oyama, JP)

Assignee: Komatsu, Ltd.

International Classification: E02F 9/22 (20060101); F15B 11/00 (20060101); F15B 11/17 (20060101); F15B 11/16 (20060101); F16D 031/02 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018