Patent Number: 6,170,264

Title: Hydrocarbon combustion power generation system with CO2 sequestration

Abstract: A low or no pollution engine is provided for delivering power for vehicles or other power applications. The engine has an air inlet which collects air from a surrounding environment. At least a portion of the nitrogen in the air is removed using a technique such as liquefaction, pressure swing adsorption or membrane based air separation. The remaining gas is primarily oxygen, which is then compressed and routed to a gas generator. The gas generator has an igniter and inputs for the high pressure oxygen and a high pressure hydrogen-containing fuel, such as hydrogen, methane or a light alcohol. The fuel and oxygen are combusted within the gas generator, forming water and carbon dioxide with carbon containing fuels. Water is also delivered into the gas generator to control the temperature of the combustion products. The combustion products are then expanded through a power generating device, such as a turbine or piston expander to deliver output power for operation of a vehicle or other power uses. The combustion products, steam and, with carbon containing fuels, carbon dioxide, are then passed through a condenser where the steam is condensed and the carbon dioxide is collected or discharged. A portion of the water is collected for further processing and use and the remainder is routed back to the gas generator. The carbon dioxide is compressed and cooled so that it is in a liquid phase or super critical state. The dense phase carbon dioxide is then further pressurized to a pressure matching a pressure, less hydrostatic head, existing deep within a porous geological formation, a deep aquifer, a deep ocean location or other terrestrial formation from which return of the CO2 into the atmosphere is inhibited.

Inventors: Viteri; Fermin (Sacramento, CA), Taylor; James P. (Fair Oaks, CA), Brandt; Harry (El Macero, CA), Anderson; Roger E. (Rancho Cordova, CA)

Assignee: Clean Energy Systems, Inc.

International Classification: F01K 21/04 (20060101); F01K 21/00 (20060101); F02B 75/02 (20060101); F01K 025/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018