Patent Number: 6,170,280

Title: Device for keeping food in a cold environment

Abstract: A device for maintaining a layer of cooled air over a work area, comprising a zone for processing, presentation or laying out food, said zone having an upper surface, a lower surface, a front edge where a user is optionally positioned, and lateral edges, said zone being upwardly open and in contact on its upper and lower surfaces with a layer of cooled air, a means for generating a flow of cooled air to create a layer of cooled air, an air flow channeling circuit comprising a flow delivery opening above the zone, a recovery opening to capture the air flow passing over the zone, and a flow circulation conduit connecting the delivery and recovery openings, the flow circulation conduit passing below the lower surface of the zone, wherein the air flow delivery and recovery openings are disposed laterally so that the air flow circulates between the openings, and wherein the air flow circulation conduit has a substantially horizontal section delimited on its upper part by the lower surface of the zone and is attached laterally to two elbows for reorientation of the air flow, one of said elbows terminating at the delivery opening and the other of said elbows terminating at the recovery opening, both elbows situated substantially at the same height above the opposite lateral extremities of the zone, and wherein the zone has a work surface bordered by a removable strip for holding accessories.

Inventors: Vachez; Isabelle (Montreuil, FR)

Assignee: Didier Ortion

International Classification: A47F 3/04 (20060101); A23L 3/36 (20060101); F25D 15/00 (20060101); A47F 003/04 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018