Patent Number: 6,170,315

Title: Bending press for making channel-shaped bends in the edges of a sheet-metal panel

Abstract: The movable blank-holder (16) of a bending press comprises a series of sections (26, 28) and a pair of motor-driven carriages (42) each of which has an entraining member (44) which can selectively engage and release the sections (26, 28) in order to move them for re-arrangement purposes. Each of two sections (28) situated at opposite ends of the series comprises a shoe-holder body (48) which supports a respective shoe (50) by means of inclined guides. Each shoe-holder (48) carries a respective slide (56) having a driving portion (60) and each shoe (50) has a driven portion (64). These driving and driven portions have formations (62, 64) cooperating with one another directly with a shaped coupling with a single degree of freedom, arranged in a manner such that movements of the slide (56) are converted into oblique movements of the respective shoe (50) for releasing it from and engaging it with a lateral channel-shaped bend which has already been made in a sheet-metal panel, without sliding on the panel. Each carriage (42) comprises an entraining member (44) and each slide (56) comprises an entrained member (58) which can be engaged by the entraining member (44) in order to move the slide (56) selectively towards the center of the press. The two carriages (42) are movable simultaneously in opposite directions upon command in order simultaneously to bring about the aforementioned movements of the shoes (50), by means of the slides (56).

Inventors: Codatto; Antonio (I-36045 Lonigo (Vincenza), IT)


International Classification: B21D 5/04 (20060101); B21D 005/04 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018