Patent Number: 6,170,367

Title: Single-point flexure toric contact lens forming machine and method

Abstract: In a fast tool servo, a single-point flexure mechanism amplifies a low force, large stroke range actuator's force while reducing its stroke range to reduce the arcuate motion of the cutting tool. The flexure mechanism bends around a pivot point in the X-Z plane and is very stiff along the Y-axis. The actuator applies force to the unpinned end of a lever arm causing it to move back-and-forth through a large stroke range. In response, the shorter tool arm rocks around the pivot point causing the tool to oscillate back-and-forth along the Z-axis through a very shallow arc thereby superimposing the toric deviation on the base curve while maintaining surface quality.

Inventors: Keller; John R. (Santa Barbara, CA), Cooksey; Richard L. (Camarillo, CA)


International Classification: B24B 13/00 (20060101); B24B 47/00 (20060101); B23B 27/14 (20060101); B24B 47/02 (20060101); B24B 13/04 (20060101); B23B 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018