Patent Number: 6,170,390

Title: Enclosed rotisserie with added convenience

Abstract: Enclosed rotisserie with added convenience, including a countertop resting box enclosure housing a safety rear mounted heating element and a power rotated dual rod spit assembly. The gear driven spit assembly may be easily inserted and removed straight into and out of the enclosure without need for angling or coupling the assembly to a power drive socket. The spit assembly may also be mounted at various distances from the heating element to decrease cooking times. The open front of the enclosure is from time to time covered by an inclined glass panel door which may be opened in various ways to facilitate food insertion into and removal from the enclosure, and which may be easily removed for cleaning or other purposes. The embodiment's design makes efficient use of valuable counter space by recessing back and raising off the countertop its controls. A contained light as well as room light emitted through the inclined glass door illuminate the enclosure's interior to make the rotisserie cooking into a taste tempting show. Two countertop supported sizes for the embodiment are suggested, one for larger families and entertaining, and the other for small families and singles. Cooking times are decreased and manufacture simplified by the embodiment heating element remaining on constantly during the cooking process.

Inventors: Backus; Alan L. (Los Angeles, CA), Popeil; Ron (Beverly Hills, CA)


International Classification: A47J 37/04 (20060101); A47J 037/07 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018