Patent Number: 6,170,401

Title: Rail vehicle for use in the collection and distribution of railroad crossties

Abstract: A railway maintenance vehicle exchanges worn crossties for new ones. Worn ties are collected and placed on an increased capacity storage car which permits ties to be placed atop the storage cars in a lateral orientation. New ties are simultaneously unloaded from the storage cars for distribution along the track. Tie transport and loading vehicles such as a gantry crane travel on rails atop the storage cars to move worn and new ties between a tie pick up car and a tie distribution car which has a tie ejector for laterally propelling ties fed to it on a queuing conveyor. The tie ejector has an endless drive chain with two striker plates attached at opposite ends and opposite sides such that they cannot interfere. The outward and downward trajectory of ejected ties is adjustable by a movable deflector shield. The tie ejector can be manually actuated by an operator while the maintenance vehicle is advanced, to drop ties next to the track at a predetermined and repeatable position relative to passing empty tie cribs.

Inventors: Miller; Robert (Columbia, SC), Delucia; Anthony (Gaston, SC)

Assignee: Harsco Technologies Corporation

International Classification: E01B 29/09 (20060101); E01B 29/00 (20060101); E01B 029/06 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018