Patent Number: 6,170,412

Title: Hydraulic system having boost pump in parallel with a primary pump and a boost pump drive therefor

Abstract: A hydraulic system for an aircart having a fan cooperable with an air seeder system to distribute material to the ground utilizes two or more fluid power sources combined in parallel. Total fluid capacity is increased so that one source may have reserve capacity for serving other loads. Flow controls for the system are set so that one source maintains at least a minimum flow to a load when the flow provided by the other source diminishes. Specifically, an aircart fan is operated by fluid power combined from a tractor source and a ground driven pump source with controls being provided to control the fin speed and proportions of flow from each source. The ground driven source (boost pump) boosts available fluid power volume to meet demands of the aircart fan. The boost pump is located near the aircart fan and connected with short lines to minimize power loss in the lines. The boost system shares the tractor components for fluid reservoir, filtering, and cooling so that it does not require its own such components.

Inventors: Memory; Russell J. (Saskatoon, CA), Bodie; Cameron D. (Saskatoon, CA)

Assignee: Flexi-Coil Ltd.

International Classification: A01C 7/08 (20060101); F15B 11/00 (20060101); F15B 11/17 (20060101); F15B 11/16 (20060101); A01C 007/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/09/2018