Patent Number: 6,192,714

Title: Filament forming apparatus and a cooling apparatus for and method ofcooling a filament forming area

Abstract: A filament forming apparatus and cooling apparatus for and method of cooling a filament forming area beneath a bushing is disclosed. The cooling apparatus includes a manifold with a cooling fluid channel formed therein, and a plurality of hollow cooling fins operatively coupled to the manifold. A cooling fluid flows into the manifold, through first and second fluid flow channels in the cooling fins, and back into the manifold from which it is subsequently discharged. Each cooling fin includes a plurality of divider members between the first and second fluid flow channels. Adjacent divider members define a small channel between each other. The cooling fluid flows from the first fluid flow channel through the small channels to the second fluid flow channel. The overall heat transfer coefficient is increased due to the forced convection of the surfaces of the cooling fin using a single-phase fluid passing through the cross-sectional area of a small channel. Further, divider members increase the surface area contact between the cooling fluid flow and the cooling fin walls. The cooling fluid in the fin may absorb enough heat to achieve two phase, liquid and vapor, flow. The bottom wall and/or side walls of the fin includes a plurality of holes through which the liquid and/or vapor in the fin may spray into the filament forming area. This spray enhances the cooling and quenching of the glass filaments in the filament forming area.

Inventors: Dowlati; Ramin (Gahanna, OH), Srinivasan; Seshadri (Worthington, OH)


International Classification: C03B 37/02 (20060101); C03B 037/02 ()

Expiration Date: 02/27/2013