Patent Number: 6,192,724

Title: Anti-theft brake or clutch pedal locking device

Abstract: A device to lock a brake or clutch pedal of a vehicle so as to deter theft of the vehicle includes a base for placement on the floor of the vehicle beneath the pedal of the vehicle being locked and beneath a pedal shaft supporting the pedal. The device includes a generally U-shaped housing with a second leg attached to the base, a first leg shorter than the second leg, and a cross member connecting the first and second legs to define an opening between the first leg and the base and a slot between the first and second legs to receive the pedal shaft and permit travel of the pedal shaft through the slot. A locking mechanism includes a locking pin and a lock. The locking pin is selectively movable on the U-shaped housing between a raised locked position sufficiently close to a lower side of the pedal shaft to prevent the pedal shaft from being operably depressed, i.e., depressed sufficiently to enable the vehicle to be started or clutch or brake to be used and a retracted position to permit travel of the pedal shaft through the slot and opening. The locking pin is on the end of a rod which extends through the second leg and a housing of the lock fixed to the U-shaped housing above the second leg. A handle at an opposing upper end of the rod is pitched and shaped to deflect blows. The lock has an upper face with a key opening. The upper face faces substantially oppositely away from the base at a transverse angle to the base and to a perpendicular angle to the base. A barrel type key lock cylinder is used. The lock housing has multiple, mostly non-rectangular lateral sides to discourage cutting. The housings around the rod are made from hardened metals. The shorter, first leg is welded on its three outer sides to the cross member and is generally U-shaped with a deflection in its own cross wall for greater strength.

Inventors: Vito; Robert A. (Berwyn, PA)


International Classification: B60R 25/02 (20060101); B60R 25/00 (20060101); F16H 057/00 ()

Expiration Date: 02/27/2013