Patent Number: 6,193,009

Title: Electromagnetic valve for a vehicle and a power steering device

Abstract: An electromagnetic valve for a vehicle that returns at least some of the hydraulic oil sent to a hydraulic actuator is provided. The valve has a body, two passages located at intermediate portions of two pipes, respectively, an oil path passing through the body for connecting the two passages to return the hydraulic oil from the one pipe to the other, and a valve mechanism provided within the body, the valve mechanism including a portion of the oil path and a valve body for opening and closing the oil path. Each of the two passages includes a bypass passage that does not pass through the valve mechanism. Therefore, the pressure loss of the hydraulic oil passing through the valve when the valve is closed is not significant.

Inventors: Chino; Kenji (Kariya, JP), Katae; Kenichi (Kariya, JP)

Assignee: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyoda Jidoshokki Seisakusho

International Classification: B62D 5/06 (20060101); B66F 9/075 (20060101); F15B 13/02 (20060101); F15B 13/00 (20060101); B62D 005/087 ()

Expiration Date: 02/27/2018