Patent Number: 6,193,039

Title: Friction clutch with friction lining wear take-up device

Abstract: The invention concerns a friction clutch in particular for motor vehicle, comprising a reaction plate (202), a friction disk (200), bearing friction linings (201), a pressure plate (1), a cover (2), clutch means (3) controlled by disengaging means and operating between the cover (2) and the pressure plate (1) through support means (14), a wear take-up device, one of the intermediate support means being capable of being axially offset and the wear take-up device comprising compensating means, actuated by actuating means, to produce said offsetting, controlled by triggering means combined with detecting means, sensitive to wear, operating on one at least of the actuating means, compensating means and triggering means: the wear take-up device also comprises means, called disconnecting means, making it inoperative before the linings are completely worn, adapted to act on the compensating means or the actuating means or the triggering means or the detecting means.

Inventors: Doremus; Oliver (Izel Lez Hameau, FR), Despres; Dominique (Amiens, FR), Travers; Jean-Luc (Andechy, FR)

Assignee: Valeo

International Classification: F16D 13/58 (20060101); F16D 13/75 (20060101); F16D 013/75 ()

Expiration Date: 02/27/2018