Patent Number: 6,200,530

Title: Method of sequestering carbon dioxide with spiral fertilization

Abstract: A method of sequestering carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) in an ocean comprises testing an area of the surface of a deep open ocean in order to determine both the nutrients that are missing and the diffusion coefficient, applying to the area in a spiral pattern a first fertilizer that comprises a missing nutrient, and measuring the amount of carbon dioxide that has been sequestered. The application of the first fertilizer in a spiral pattern results in a patch of fertilizer where the concentration of the fertilizer does not vary by more than about 50% within two days of the local application. The concentration of the fertilizer at the center of the patch does not decrease through diffusion by more than about 5% during a time period of about 20 days after the application of the patch of fertilizer. The method may further comprise applying additional fertilizers, and reporting the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered. The method preferably includes applying a fertilizer in pulses. Each fertilizer releases each nutrient over time in the photic zone and in a form that does not precipitate.

Inventors: Markels, Jr.; Michael (Springfield, VA)


International Classification: A01G 15/00 (20060101); A01G 031/00 ()

Expiration Date: 03/12013