Patent Number: 6,200,640

Title: Polymer composition and process for treating leather and fur skins

Abstract: Aqueous solutions or dispersions of copolymers obtainable by free-radical copolymerization of (a) from 20 to 90% by weight of at least one monoethylenically unsaturated C.sub.4-6 -dicarboxylic acid or the anhydride thereof, as component A, (b) from 5 to 50% by weight of at least one olefin having 2 to 6 carbon atoms, as component B, (c) from 5 to 50% by weight of at least one hydrophobic comonomer from the group consisting of long-chain olefins, esters of long-chain alcohols with acrylic acid or methacrylic acid, long-chain amides of acrylic acid or methacrylic acid, and long-chain alkyl vinyl ethers, as component C, (d) from 0 to 40% by weight of further comonomers which can be copolymerized with the above monomers, as component D, where the sum of the amounts of components A, B, C and, if used, D is 100% by weight, followed by at least partial esterification or hydrolysis and neutralization and/or reaction of the carboxyl groups formed during the hydrolysis with bases, for treating leather and/or fur skins.

Inventors: Kneip; Michael (Ludwigshafen, DE), Kistenmacher; Axel (Ludwigshafen, DE), Danisch; Peter (Ludwigshafen, DE), Wolf; Gerhard (Ketsch, DE)

Assignee: BASF Aktiengesellschaft

International Classification: C09D 123/08 (20060101); C14C 9/00 (20060101); C09D 123/00 (20060101); C14C 009/00 (); C14C 009/02 (); C14C 009/28 (); C08F 022/04 (); C08F 008/12 ()

Expiration Date: 03/13/2018