Patent Number: 6,241,095

Title: Three-dimensional rotating cup

Abstract: A three-dimensional rotating cup includes an exterior fixed cup, an interior fixed cup and a middle rotating layer. The middle rotating layer is inside the exterior fixed cup. The interior fixed cup is inside the middle rotating layer and a transparent fluid is filled inside the clearance between the interior fixed cup and the exterior fixed cup. Furthermore, extending outwardly from the edge of the interior fixed cup is a protruding flange. The bottom of the protruding flange is joined to the top of the edge of the exterior fixed cup. The inside and outside walls of the exterior fixed cup and middle rotating layer and the outside wall of the interior fixed cup include figure paintings.

Inventors: Yencheng; Chin Yeh (Taipei, TW)


International Classification: B65D 25/20 (20060101); B65D 085/00 (); B65D 003/22 (); G09F 003/20 ()

Expiration Date: 06/05/2018