Patent Number: 6,241,165

Title: Spray nozzle with directly mounted plate

Abstract: A spray nozzle includes a central swirl chamber (9), receiving the fluidtangentially through lateral fluid inlet channels (14) from a peripheralfront cavity (8), and projecting the fluid in outlet through a coaxialoutlet passage (12). The coaxial outlet passage (12), the central swirlchamber (9) and the fluid inlet channels (14) are made up of ribs andrecesses in a front plate (15) engaged between a nozzle (1) hollow bodyand a rear core (5) which is itself formed by a core rear body (5a) and arear plate (5b) with rear axial recess (17). Thus one can economicallyproduce fluid inlet channels (14) and a central swirl chamber (9) withcoaxial outlet passage (12) and rear axial recess (17) with very accuratedimensions, thereby ensuring satisfactory reproducibility of the featuresof the fluid spray jet at the outlet.

Inventors: Bickart; Jean Rene (Satigny, CH), Meyer; Pascal (Paris, FR)


International Classification: B05B 1/34 (20060101); B05B 001/34 ()

Expiration Date: 06/05/2013