Patent Number: 6,248,050

Title: Method of making a hanging file folder and the folder made thereby

Abstract: A method for manufacturing a thermoplastic hanging file folder, and the folder formed by such method. A web of thermoplastic sheet material is provided, where the web has a width with first and second opposed side edge portions. In a separate step, at least one thermoplastic support bar profile extrusion is formed, wherein each support bar profile extrusion comprises a relatively thick upper portion tapering to a correspondingly thinner lower portion. An opposed side edge portion of the thermoplastic web is positioned over the thin portion of the thermoplastic support bar profile extrusion to form a region of contact. In a bonding step, the thermoplastic support bar profile extrusion or extrusions are bonded to corresponding edges of the thermoplastic sheet at the region(s) of contact. A predetermined length of the thermoplastic web, having the thermoplastic support bar profile or profiles bonded thereon, is then separated from a remaining portion of the web to form the hanging file folder.

Inventors: Boy; Lee A. (Jamestown, NC)

Assignee: Esselte Corporation

International Classification: B42C 7/00 (20060101); B31B 001/84 ()

Expiration Date: 06/19/2018