Patent Number: 6,249,996

Title: Fluid supply device for an iron

Abstract: The invention is directed to a fluid transfer device for a pressing iron, with a housing accommodating therein a pump chamber, with a pump element for varying the pump chamber volume, and with an actuating member for actuating the pump element. According to the present invention, the fluid transfer device is characterized in that the actuating member is constructed as a deformable membrane.

Inventors: Dorber; Ralf (Oberursel, DE), Rebordosa; Antonio (Barcelona, ES), Recasens; Josep (Barcelona, ES), Condes; Antonio (Barcelona, ES), Colas Jimenez; Miguel-Angel (Molins de Rei, ES), Falco; Desideri Sastre (Barcelona, ES)

Assignee: Braun GmbH

International Classification: D06F 75/14 (20060101); D06F 75/22 (20060101); D06F 75/08 (20060101); D06F 075/22 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018