Patent Number: 6,250,233

Title: Slidable cover assembly for gondola railroad car

Abstract: An extendable and retractable cover for use on gondola railroad cars, preferably provided as a kit for retrofitting existing cars, including elongated runners for attaching to the top of longitudinal walls of the gondola railroad cars, the runners including at east one slidable surface, for supporting and permitting transport over the surface of a plurality of tarp supports, which extend across the lateral opening between the sidewalls of the gondola railroad car. The supports are adapted and configured to slide over the runners while enclosing an edge of the runner so as to engage the runner and retain the vertical position and orientation of the supports during transposition across the surface of the runners. The tarp support members support a flexible sheet tarpaulin, impermeable to rain and the elements, above the tarp supports, and the tarp supports include a strip retaining member which, together with a bow member of the tarp supports, sandwich the tarpaulin between two rigid members so as to retain the tarp on the bows and the lateral ends of the tarp adjacent the top of sidewalls, so as to cover and protect the inside of the gondola car from the elements. Drive and retraction/extension mechanisms are used to permit manual operation of the arrangement to allow easy, efficient and speedy uncovering of a gondola car cover to permit loading and unloading of the gondola railroad car.

Inventors: Luckring; Allen K. (Brewster, OH)

Assignee: Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company

International Classification: B61D 39/00 (20060101); B61D 039/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018