Patent Number: 6,250,835

Title: Poles and terminals equipped with connection to the ground with breaking point

Abstract: A pole or the like formed by an anchoring member and a vertical member which are linked by a linking piece having a zone of lower resistance to force. Block members are provided at the opposite ends of the anchoring member and the vertical member each of which has a central bore for receiving the linking piece and at least one of the block members has a surface slopping from its center towards it periphery such that a space between the opposite block members is greater at the periphery of the pole than at its center.

Inventors: Chamel; Didier (Soucieu en Jarrest, 69510, FR)

Assignee: Chamel; Didier

International Classification: E01F 9/011 (20060101); E01F 9/018 (20060101); F16M 013/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018