Patent Number: 6,250,840

Title: Tie rod end

Abstract: A tie rod end (16) comprises a metal stem (30) having a first surface (44) defining a first chamber (48). A ball stud (130) has a ball end (132) and a stud shaft (134). A plastic bearing (70) is located in the first chamber (48). The plastic bearing (70) includes a tubular sleeve portion (72) press fit in the first chamber (48). The tubular sleeve portion (72) has an open first end (76) and an opposing second end (78). The stud shaft (34) extends through the open first end (76). The tubular sleeve portion (72) includes a second surface (96) partially defining a second chamber (90). The second surface (96) engages the ball end (132) for relative sliding movement. The plastic bearing (70) further includes a plastic plug member (110) disposed in the second chamber (90). The plastic plug member (110) is fixedly attached to the tubular sleeve portion (72) and closes the second end (78) of the tubular sleeve portion. The plastic plug member (110) engages the ball end (132) for relative sliding movement.

Inventors: Urbach; Brian A. (Rochester Hills, MI), Smith; Gregory R. (Sterling Heights, MI)

Assignee: TRW Inc.

International Classification: F16C 11/06 (20060101); F16C 011/06 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018