Patent Number: 6,250,891

Title: Variable displacement compressor having displacement controller

Abstract: A variable displacement compressor that varies the gas displacement by controlling the pressure in a crank chamber including a drive shaft, pistons for compressing the gas, and a swash plate. The swash plate is located in the crank chamber and integrally rotates with the drive shaft, and varies the stroke of the pistons. The inclination of the swash plate relative to the drive shaft is varied between maximum and minimum positions. A displacement restoration spring inclines the swash plate. One end of the restoration spring fixed to a predetermined part of the drive shaft.

Inventors: Kawaguchi; Masahiro (Kariya, JP), Mizutani; Hideki (Kariya, JP), Yamada; Kiyohiro (Kariya, JP), Nakaima; Hiroyuki (Kariya, JP)

Assignee: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyoda Jidoshokki Seisakusho

International Classification: F04B 49/22 (20060101); F04B 27/18 (20060101); F04B 27/14 (20060101); F04B 27/10 (20060101); F04B 001/26 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018