Patent Number: 6,250,995

Title: Apparatus for polishing outer periphery of workpiece

Abstract: To provide a small polishing means featuring high machining efficiency that is capable of efficiently and quickly mirror-polishing an outer periphery of a chamfered workpiece (5) by bringing the outer periphery into even contact with a plurality of polishing drums (2, 2) at the same time. In an apparatus for polishing an outer periphery by bringing an outer periphery of the workpiece (5) retained by workpiece retaining means (3a, 3b) into contact with two polishing drums (2, 2) simultaneously to perform mirror polishing, the workpiece retaining means (3a, 3b) are supported by a sliding mechanism (16) such that they may move in a direction in which the two polishing drums (2, 2) are arranged, thereby to form an aligning means. In addition, the workpiece retaining means (3a, 3b) are provided with loading means (30) for absorbing a force applied to the workpiece retaining means in an X direction, the force being generated due to contact between the rotating workpiece (5) and the polishing drums (2, 2).

Inventors: Hakomori; Shunji (Tokyo, JP)

Assignee: Speedfam Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B24B 41/06 (20060101); B24B 49/16 (20060101); B24B 9/06 (20060101); B24B 009/06 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018