Patent Number: 6,251,019

Title: Constant velocity plunging joint with anti-dismantling means

Abstract: A constant velocity plunging joint is disclosed that includes an outer joint part having a cylindrical hollow chamber with an aperture at a first end, which cylindrical hollow chamber, at its other end, is closed by a base and in which there are formed uniformly circumferentially distributed, longitudinally extending tracks; an inner joint part which is positioned centrally in the cylindrical hollow chamber of the outer joint part so as to be angularly movable and longitudinally displaceable; and torque transmitting elements which, in the direction of rotation, are form-fittingly connected to the inner joint part and which, in the direction of rotation, engage the tracks of the outer joint part from-fittingly and so as to roll therein in the longitudinal direction; wherein, at the open end of the outer joint part, the end face is provided with caulkings which form raised portions reducing the free inner cross-section of the -cylindrical hollow chamber; wherein an assembly consisting of the inner joint part and the torque transmitting elements can be introduced through the aperture into the hollow chamber while temporarily deforming the raised portions; and wherein the raised portions apply an axial holding force to the assembly consisting of the inner joint part and of the torque transmitting elements, which axial holding force effectively acts against any automatic dismantling.

Inventors: Hofmann; Norbert (Ronneburg, DE), Ricks; Michael (Nidderau, DE)

Assignee: GKN Lobro GmbH

International Classification: F16D 3/205 (20060101); F16D 3/16 (20060101); F16D 003/26 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018