Patent Number: 6,251,033

Title: Paintball game field and method of play

Abstract: A method and playing field for a competitive paintball game that increases the amount of action occurring during the game period. The playing surface for the paintball competition includes a pair of goals located near opposite end lines of the playing surface, each of which is defended by an opposing team. The playing surface is divided into a plurality of individual zones and includes a series of field bunkers positioned along the playing surface. The paintball competition is played for a predetermined game time divided into separate periods. During each period, each of the opposing teams attempts to carry their flag through the opposing team's goal before being shot by a paintball from the opposing team. When one of the paintball teams scores, points are awarded to the scoring team based upon the position of the opposing team's flag at the time the goal was scored by the scoring team. The flag may be passed between members of each team during the game play. A series of different penalties are assessed to each of the teams during game play based upon violations of the rules under which the paintball competition is run. Upon receiving a penalty, the penalized player must leave the playing surface and remain within a penalty box for the penalty period.

Inventors: Davidson; Steven J. (Flagler Beach, FL)


International Classification: A63B 71/02 (20060101); A63B 071/02 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018