Patent Number: 6,251,092

Title: Deflectable guiding catheter

Abstract: A deflectable guiding catheter generally having an elongated shaft with a deflectable distal section, a second lumen, a first lumen in fluid communication with a port in the distal end of the shaft, an elongated tapered deflection line within the second lumen, and reinforcement strands within a wall of the shaft. The first lumen is independent from the second lumen, and is therefore not obstructed by the deflection line. The longitudinal axes of the second lumen and first lumen are axially aligned with respect to one another, and are eccentric to the shaft longitudinal axis. The reinforcement strands and the deflection line extend in at least a portion of the deflectable distal shaft section to a location spaced proximally of the distal end of the deflectable distal shaft section.

Inventors: Qin; Jay J. (Fremont, CA), Dickens; Duane (Fremont, CA), Schaller; Laurent (Los Altos, CA)

Assignee: Medtronic, Inc.

International Classification: A61M 25/01 (20060101); A61M 031/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018