Patent Number: 6,251,153

Title: Centrifugal air filter

Abstract: The present invention provides a centrifugal air filter suitable for extracting impurities suspended in air. The filter includes a front wall, a rear wall spaced from the front wall, and a perimeter wall joining the front and rear walls and forming a cavity therebetween. Dividers divide the cavity into a plurality of vortex chambers. Each vortex chamber has a pair of inlets proximal opposing chamber ends and formed in the filter front wall, and an outlet formed in the filter rear wall generally centrally disposed between the inlets. Each vortex chamber extracts impurities by directing the air along a helical path through the vortex chamber from the inlets to the outlet. Air enters the vortex chamber inlets in the front of the filter, and exits the vortex outlet at the rear of the filter in the same plane.

Inventors: Neitzel; Emery W. (Rothschild, WI), Breitenfeldt; Alan L. (Wausau, WI), Wesenick; Jared C. (Wausau, WI)

Assignee: Greenheck Fan Corporation

International Classification: B01D 45/16 (20060101); B01D 45/12 (20060101); B01D 045/12 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018