Patent Number: 6,251,167

Title: Machine and process for removing dissolved gasses from liquids

Abstract: An enclosed tank with a liquid inlet, a liquid outlet, a gas inlet, and a gas outlet. A liquid is forced to flow turbulently through the tank. Simultaneously a scrubbing gas is pumped through the tank. Turbulence induced in the liquid encourages gasses dissolved in the liquid to transfer to the scrubbing gas and thence to exit the gas outlet. Liquid pressure is provided externally to the invention, such as by a water utility or house water pump. The liquid inlet has a nozzle that injects the liquid against baffles in the tank to create turbulence. The liquid level in the tank is stabilized by controlling the scrubbing gas pressure. A lower layer of liquid and an upper layer of scrubbing gas are maintained in the tank as they flow through the tank together. Various liquid level stabilizing means are shown as examples. An electronic feedback system optionally controls the scrubbing gas flow rate according to the contamination level of the liquid.

Inventors: Berson; William (Weston, CT)

Assignee: Berson Research Corp.

International Classification: B01D 19/00 (20060101); B01D 019/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018