Patent Number: 6,251,180

Title: Shrinkage-reducing agent for cement compositions

Abstract: Shrinkage-reducing agent intended as additive in aqueous cement comprising compositions. The agent comprises at least one acetal, preferably a cyclic formal, of a tri- or polyhydric alcohol, which acetal comprises at least one 1,3-dioxa group. The acetal has preferably a water solubility of at least 1%. The agent can, in addition to said acetal, comprise at least one amorphous silica, preferably a powderous silica. The invention refers in a further aspect to the use of said agent in said compositions. The agent is, when used, added to said composition in an amount of 0.1-20% by weight.

Inventors: Engstrand; Jens (Helsingborg, SE), Sjogreen; Carl-Axel (Perstorp, SE)

Assignee: Perstorp AB

International Classification: C04B 40/00 (20060101); C04B 24/00 (20060101); C04B 24/02 (20060101); C04B 024/00 (); C04B 040/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018