Patent Number: 6,251,291

Title: Reservoir-and-filter system and method of use

Abstract: A reservoir-and filter system for receiving fluid and for removing impurities from fluid is provided in an embodiment of the invention. The system includes a housing with at least two cavities; a first cavity with at least one unfiltered-fluid inlet and a second cavity with at least one filtrate outlet. In this embodiment, a filter member is disposed so as to separate the cavities. In addition, a filtering trap is disposed so as to directly accept fluid as it enters the first cavity, filter it, and minimize clogging of the filter member. A coarse filter shroud providing a funnel shape at the opening of a cup-shaped trap is included in a preferred embodiment. In an embodiment, at least one gas outlet adaptable for connection to a vacuum source is associated with the second cavity. A method for removing impurities from blood within an extracorporeal circuit is also provided in a further embodiment.

Inventors: Lamphere; David G. (Framingham, MA), Headley; Thomas D. (Wellesley, MA), Strohl; Clair L. (Norfolk, MA), Martin; Clifford (Medway, MA)

Assignee: Tranfusion Technologies Corporation

International Classification: A61M 1/36 (20060101); B01D 035/02 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018