Patent Number: 6,251,297

Title: Method of manufacturing polarizing plate

Abstract: A method of manufacturing a polarizing plate of a resonance absorption effect type wherein plural bar-like polarizing members are arranged in a light-transmittable polarizing matrix layer with major axes thereof orienting in a constant direction. The method includes a preparing process of a forming die for preparing a forming die having a concavoconvex pattern corresponding to a layout pattern of the bar-like polarizing members, a forming process of a concavoconvex pattern on a resin layer for forming a resin layer directly or indirectly on a substrate and pressing the forming die onto the resin layer so as to form a concavoconvex pattern on the resin layer, a forming process of bar-like polarizing members for forming the bar-like polarizing members in the foregoing layout pattern using the concavoconvex pattern of the resin layer, and a forming process of a polarizing matrix layer for forming the light-transmittable polarizing matrix layer so as to bury the formed bar-like polarizing members. Accordingly, the polarizing plate of the resonance absorption effect type can be obtained, which is low in price, massproducible, high in extinction ratio, high in performance and high in reliability.

Inventors: Komuro; Eiju (Milton Keynes, GB), Kineri; Tohru (Chiba, JP)

Assignee: TDK Corporation

International Classification: G02B 5/20 (20060101); G02B 5/18 (20060101); G02B 005/30 (); G02F 001/133 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018