Patent Number: 6,251,310

Title: Method of manufacturing a nuclear fuel pellet by recycling an irradiated oxide fuel pellet

Abstract: A method of manufacturing new UO.sub.2 -based fuel pellets by recycling irradiated UO.sub.2 -based fuel pellets. Irradiated UO.sub.2 -based fuel pellets are oxidized so as to make U.sub.3 O.sub.8 -based powder, and then the U.sub.3 O.sub.8 -based powder is mixed with an additive which contains at least one oxide of an element selected from the group consisting of niobium, titanium, vanadium, aluminum, magnesium, chromium, silicon and lithium. Green pellets are formed from the mixed powder, and then sintered, preferably at C. or higher, in a reducing gas atmosphere to produce UO.sub.2 -based fuel pellets with high densities.

Inventors: Song; Kun-Woo (Daejeon-Si, KR), Kim; Keon-Sik (Daejeon-Si, KR), Jung; Youn-Ho (Daejeon-Si, KR), Yang; Myung-Seung (Daejeon-Si, KR)

Assignee: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

International Classification: G21C 21/00 (20060101); G21C 021/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018