Patent Number: 6,251,338

Title: Pivoting device with arm and control rod

Abstract: A pivot device for supporting a working device is disclosed. The pivot device has a load-bearing structure, an arm and a control rod. A first end of the arm is pivotably mounted in the load-bearing structure. The working device is pivotably connected to the second end of the arm. A first end of the control rod is hinged to the pivotable working device. A hinged quadrangle acts as a pivot point for the second end of the control rod. The quadrangle encompasses the load-bearing structure as a chassis, the arm acting as a driven element, as well as two coupling elements which close the quadrangle. The control rod is hinged, by its second end, to one of the two coupling elements. When the arm pivots, the pivot point of the second end of the control rod remains on the same side of the arm, so that the control rod does not cross the arm during pivoting.

Inventors: Clesen; Romain (Colpach-Haut, LU), Venturini; Severino (Obercorn, LU)

Assignee: Paul Wurth, S.A.

International Classification: C21B 7/12 (20060101); C21C 005/48 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018