Patent Number: 6,251,507

Title: Flexible aromatic polymide film/metal film composite sheet

Abstract: A flexible aromatic polyimide film/metal film composite sheet is composed of a multi-layered polyimide film having a highly heat-resistant aromatic polyimide layer to one surface of which is bonded another aromatic polyimide layer (in which the multi-layer polyimide film is prepared by simultaneous casting), and a metal film which is bonded to the latter polyimide layer by heating under pressure and subsequent cooling under pressure using a double belt press.

Inventors: Yamamoto; Tomohiko (Ube, JP), Hosoma; Toshinori (Ube, JP), Yoshioka; Kazuhiko (Ube, JP)

Assignee: Ube Industries, Ltd.

International Classification: B32B 15/08 (20060101); C08L 79/00 (20060101); C08L 79/08 (20060101); H05K 1/03 (20060101); B32B 007/02 (); B32B 015/08 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018