Patent Number: 6,251,527

Title: Alclad inset into grooved ingot

Abstract: The present invention is directed to the application of a liner material which is corrosion resistant to a strong and tough core aluminum alloy which has been grooved out creating a liner bed resulting in an Alclad structure.

Inventors: Schelin; Eric Victor (Eldridge, IA), Oswald; Lynn E. (Bettendorf, IA), Reynolds; Brian C. (Davenport, IA), Augenstein; Cherlyn J. (Davenport, IA)

Assignee: Alcoa Inc.

International Classification: B32B 15/20 (20060101); B32B 15/01 (20060101); B32B 015/20 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018