Patent Number: 6,251,577

Title: Method of manufacturing silver halide photographic emulsion, silver halide photographic emulsion manufactured by the method, and method of inhibiting aggregation of the emulsion

Abstract: A method for producing a silver halide photographic emulsion comprises a step of spectrally sensitizing a silver halide photographic emulsion material that contains tabular silver halide grains having an aspect ratio of 3 or more in an amount of 50% or more of the total projected area of all the silver halide grains, and a step of performing the spectral sensitization by the addition of a cyanine dye in an amount of 60% or more of the saturated covering amount of the silver halide grains, and the emulsion is produced in the presence of 400 to 2,500 ppm of calcium ions and/or 50 to 2,500 ppm of magnesium ions.

Inventors: Sakurazawa; Mamoru (Minami-Ashigara, JP), Hosokawa; Junichiro (Minami-Ashigara, JP), Mihayashi; Keiji (Minami-Ashigara, JP)

Assignee: Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G03C 1/015 (20060101); G03C 1/005 (20060101); G03C 1/14 (20060101); G03C 001/015 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018