Patent Number: 6,251,592

Title: STR marker system for DNA fingerprinting

Abstract: The present invention relates to novel STR markers for DNA fingerprinting. More specifically, the invention relates to seven different STR markers for DNA fingerprinting of a DNA sample, whereby each marker comprises a sequence selected from the group consisting of SEQ ID NOS:1 to 7 as set forth in FIGS. 1A-1B.

Inventors: Tang; JianQing (Brossard, CA), Melan.cedilla.on; Serge B. (Outremont, CA)

Assignee: Procrea BioSciences Inc.

International Classification: C12Q 1/68 (20060101); C12Q 001/68 (); C12P 019/34 (); C07H 021/04 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018