Patent Number: 6,251,680

Title: Detectable polymers and methods for detecting polymers in Aqueous systems

Abstract: Polymers having amine-thiol terminal moieties are provided. The amine-thiol terminal moieties are imparted by using amine-thiols as chain transfer agents in aqueous addition polymerizations. The polymers are useful as mineral dispersants, as water-treatment additives for boiler waters, cooling towers, reverse osmosis applications, sugar refining, paper production, geothermal processes and oil wells, and as detergent additives acting as builders, anti-filming agents, dispersants, sequestering agents and encrustation inhibitors.

Inventors: Fu; Zhenwen (Lansdale, PA), Keller; Lorraine Holowach (Lansdale, PA), Weinstein; Barry (Dresher, PA)

Assignee: Rohm and Haas Company

International Classification: C02F 1/56 (20060101); C02F 5/10 (20060101); C02F 1/54 (20060101); C08F 8/30 (20060101); C08F 8/00 (20060101); C08F 8/34 (20060101); C08F 2/38 (20060101); C11D 3/37 (20060101); G01N 037/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018