Patent Number: 6,251,772

Title: Dielectric adhesion enhancement in damascene process for semiconductors

Abstract: A method for manufacturing an integrated circuit using damascene processes is provided in which dielectric surfaces subject to chemical-mechanical polishing are roughened after polishing to increase the surface area to provide more surface for chemical and mechanical bonding of subsequent layers.

Inventors: Brown; Dirk (Santa Clara, CA)

Assignee: Advanced Micro Devicees, Inc.

International Classification: H01L 21/02 (20060101); H01L 21/70 (20060101); H01L 21/768 (20060101); H01L 21/318 (20060101); H01L 21/3105 (20060101); H01L 21/316 (20060101); H01L 21/311 (20060101); H01L 021/476 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018