Patent Number: 6,251,905

Title: Tricyclic compounds, their production and use

Abstract: Tricyclic compound of the formula: ##STR1## wherein ring A is a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic ring, having two nitrogen atoms as the hetero-atoms, which is optionally substituted with oxo or thioxo; ring Q may optionally be substituted; Y is an optionally substituted hydrocarbon group, an optionally substituted hydroxyl group or an optionally substituted mecapto group, excluding for methyl group as Y; R.sup.1 is a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, an optionally substituted hydrocarbon group or an acyl group, or a salt thereof, having excellent PDGF-inhibiting activities, antihypertensive activities, activities of ameliorating renal diseases and activities of lowering lipid level.

Inventors: Takatani; Muneo (Kyoto, JP), Shibouta; Yumiko (Suita, JP), Tomimatsu; Kiminori (Minoo, JP), Kawamoto; Tetsuji (Neyagawa, JP)

Assignee: Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.

International Classification: C07D 471/00 (20060101); C07D 471/16 (20060101); C07D 401/06 (); C07D 403/06 (); C07D 471/14 (); A61K 031/495 (); A61K 031/50 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018