Patent Number: 6,251,906

Title: Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds

Abstract: The present invention discloses novel compounds, compositions, and methods for inhibiting retroviral proteases and in particular for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease. The present invention also relates to compositions and methods for treating a retroviral infection and in particular an HIV infection, and to processes for making such compounds and synthetic intermediates employed in these processes.

Inventors: Chen; Xiaoqi (San Mateo, CA), Kempf; Dale J. (Libertyville, IL), Norbeck; Daniel W. (Grayslake, IL)

Assignee: Abbott Laboratories

International Classification: C07D 277/24 (20060101); C07D 277/00 (20060101); C07D 417/12 (20060101); C07D 417/14 (20060101); C07D 417/00 (20060101); A61K 031/495 (); A61K 031/50 (); C07D 047/00 (); C07D 405/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/26/2018